Dominique Chalifoux
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I am a massage therapist with over 10 years of experience and have completed more than 1400 hours of training. Additionally, I hold a Usui Reiki Master certification.

I am a positive, calming, intuitive, conscientious, and caring individual who is passionate about health, wellbeing, and helping others.

Originally from Quebec, Canada, I have recently relocated my practice to Key Largo in 2021. I am currently working at Shen Health Acupuncture in Tavernier where I provide my services to clients with a wide range of medical conditions.

To provide optimal treatment and promote healing, I personalize each massage to the specific needs of my clients using a variety of techniques including table massage (therapeutic massage using Kinesiotherapy), relaxation massage (blended technique of Swedish, Californian, and Acupressure), fascia therapy, cupping therapy (using silicon cups), Vodder manual lymph drainage, reflexology, and energy work with Reiki.

In addition, I also offer water massage which takes place in a warm water pool (~93°F) while floating on the back with the support of buoyant aids under the neck, knees, and ankles. During water massage, I use specific movements such as wave undulations, oscillations, lemniscate motion, stretching, kneading, and acupressure to create space between the joints, increase mobility, and facilitate the healing and rebalancing of the body. The combination of warm water, weightlessness, and sound deprivation enhances the overall experience and promotes wellbeing.

I am happy to offer my services to you, whether it be a massage session, a Reiki session, a mix of both, or a water massage to support you on your healing journey.