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Reflexology is an art and a science based on the premise that there are points on the fee that represent every part of the body, and by manipulating those points the body, achieves balance & homeostasis.

Only in Homeostasis is your body able to reduce stress, improve blood and oxygen flow and heal.

Lisa Reeder – I became interested in reflexology when I lived in Ohio working as a teacher in an autism program – very rewarding but stressful. Under an added stressful situation, I moved my mom, who was battling with Alzheimer’s, in with me … making my life a stressful mess! Monthly reflexology was the only thing that brought my stress levels down enough to carry on and stay well. My reflexologist friend turned me on to the school he attended here in Florida, so after retiring and moving here 8 years ago, I decided to learn something new.

Reflexology, for me, feels as good to give as to receive. I am dedicated to bringing the healing balance & homeostasis of Reflexology to my clients.

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